About Us


It is an international association, headquartered in Canada, created to provide and develop educational programs for Disasters, Emergencies, Rescue and Health. Our mission is to promote healthcare through the training of our population in all levels and the certification of International Training Centers (ITC) that become members of the International Training Network (ITN).

AIDER Strength: is given by the association of the International Training Centers (ITCs) that allow people to have access to top-quality courses. AIDER-associated centers, instructors and students have access to different benefits based on their needs.

AIDER Certification: AIDER Certification ensures the quality of training courses, instructors and content. All sites and facilities are carefully selected and supervised, and training materials are chosen form the best international institutions. Course approval requirements are in accordance with the specific program. The training’s top quality is AIDER’s hallmark.

How was the association created?
AIDER organization, headquartered in Canada, was created by an initiative of ACINDES Association (Civil Association for Health Research and Development -as per its initials in Spanish- registered since 1985 in Argentina and since 2001 in Spain, for constant medical education) in cooperation with other organizations, such as emergency training centers and editorials. Today the ITCs, Instructors, Coordinators of different programs, among others, are members of AIDER International Association in Latin America, Spain, the Middle East and Canada. ACINDES holds agreements with various Universities for the development of courses conducted by or certified through AIDER. In addition, they have worked in alliance with the PAHO and George Washington University to provide and certify the different training courses.

Certifying Institutions
Training programs are developed by AIDER or by some of the most prestigious International Institutions. Such institutions offer AIDER-recommended courses, materials and certifications to be further incorporated by the ITCs. AIDER encourages and develops programs, which are supervised by other international institutions, by ACINDES and by AIDER’s heads and coordinators.

International Training Centers- ITC
ITCs are AIDER member institutions which are duly established, and they comply with all the necessary requirements to provide training programs. These centers are supervised to ensure top-quality level. Organizations such as hospitals, universities or institutions with experience in disaster management, emergency or rescue, as well as many other types of institutions, are usually eligible to become ITCs associated to AIDER. The process of assessing and further complying with AIDER requirements for approving an international contract can take from 2 to 4 months. AIDER tries to conduct this process as promptly, reliably and accessibly as possible. Many International Training Centers begin their training by working with an ITC accredited in their own country or in another country. AIDER can provide support in the training of first instructors, in case the organization does not have enough instructors to conduct the courses.

Directors of courses
Each training course requires one director that must be duly certified. Directors are accredited professionals with the necessary experience to lead each one of the different courses. In order to become a director, each applicant must produce and comply with all AIDER requirements and those of the other certifying institutions.

ITC, in partnership with AIDER, offers regular courses that enable professionals to become Certified Instructors to provide training programs.

Certified Students
For quality assurance reasons, AIDER certificates will be issued and granted on the condition that the students’ participation and approval of the course takes place at one of the accredited centers. Each student that successfully completes a training program is granted an AIDER certification with which he or she will be empowered to access the AIDER-partner program, thus keeping the certification records updated on AIDER’s website. Therefore, students, ITC-heads and whoever is interested may enter and check each student’s current status.

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