How to get certified as an AIDER center?

An ITC is an organization authorized to provide official AIDER certificates in their training. To become an ITC each organization must meet certain requirements to ensure the quality of the institution and to certify the training of their teachers.
When an organization is interested in an AIDER training program, we send them an application form, which details the information that is necessary in order to accurately evaluate the organization.
Organizations such as hospitals, universities or institutions with experience in disaster management, emergency or rescue are usually eligible, as well as many other types of institutions.

How long does the application assessment and approval process take?

The process of assessing and further approving an application can take from 2 to 4 months. Largely, this is due to the fact that laws vary from country to country, and also because there is a revision period for the local legislation to be effectively applied. Should there be any contract regulation or requirement that does not apply or that it cannot be completed, the organization and AIDER must discuss and talk over the discrepancy. Each organization is different and the process may vary, consequently resulting in some considerable time. AIDER, however, strives to conduct this process as promptly, reliably and accessibly as possible.

Some of the requirements to become part of our international network as an ITC (International Training Center) are:

  1. Use AIDER-recommended materials.
    2. Follow AIDER guidelines based on scientific evidence and on other institutions internationally accepted and mentioned in the specific bibliography.
    3. Have enough capacity of instructors and staff in order to perform the training programs.
    4. Have a minimum level of additional materials to be used during class such as: mannequins, bag valve masks, instructors, DEA simulators, specific materials for each course, manuals for each program, etc.
    5. Provide AIDER credentials and diplomas to all participants that complete the course.
    6. Have a Civil Liability or Public Liability insurance to cover for risks associated to conducting a training course, according to each country’s local legislation.

ITCs can access all training programs offered by AIDER, for which purpose they must comply with all the requirements for each of the disciplines they chose to teach.
An ITC is part of an International Training Network which allows them to have access to global certifications, materials and potential students in a systematized, accessible and reliable manner.
AIDER can provide support to the training of first instructors, in case the organization does not have enough instructors to conduct courses.
AIDER credentials issued anywhere around the globe are accepted depending on the scientific institutions associated, and they ensure the participant to have received good-quality AIDER training.

Thank you for your interest in our training programs and in becoming an AIDER International Training Center.

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